Jennifer Waldron

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Jennifer Waldron is an insurance professional with a flair for the arts that the community theatre provides. Her first experience at HCCT was during Harvey’s Twisted Birthday Haunted House. She recently…

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Kayla Blackston

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Kayla Blackston is wife to Michael and Co-owner of Blackston Arts. Kayla has degree in Music and extensive experience in financial and banking services.

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Sonja Thompson

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CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN BIOGRAPHY This is Sonja’s very first role with HCCT! She has performed with Arts!Oglethorpe several years ago as the Jester in Once Upon a Mattress and…

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Robert Roach

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Cheaper By The Dozen Biography Robert Roach (Mr. Gilbreth), is an HCCT alum with shows like "The Glass Menagerie", "A Little Princess", "A Christmas Carol", and "The Odd Couple" on…

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