Cody Zoller

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Cody is a Hart County resident, and works at the Elberton Housing Authority. Cody took theater classes in high school and fell in love with it, and always sought to…

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Madison Kerr

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Madison has helped with previous productions before such as Wanda’s Visit, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2018), Maddi or Ridiculous Obsession, Secret Garden earlier this year, and the 2020/21 Haunted…

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Lani Sessoms

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Lani Sessoms has been involved in the Dramatic Arts, in multiple capacities, for over thirty years. She began in her teens as a costumer, participating in regional and national contests,…

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Lizz Murphy

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Lizz attended Kennesaw State University for theatre and has since kept a hand in a form of entertainment, acting and managing and directing a haunted house for 16 years. She…

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Sarah Martell

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This is Sarah’s third production that she is lucky to be part of at HCCT, Sarah is forever grateful to Lizz for having faith in her to take on the…

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Scott Clay

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Scott is excited to be a part of his third production here at HCCT. Scott was previously seen on stage in Secret Garden as Ben Weatherstaff and in the original…

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Renea Minish

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Renea is thrilled to be appearing in her premiere role with HCCT. She began her journey as a model which led to her love and pursuit of makeup artistry. She…

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Bradley Sullivan

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Bradley Blake Sullivan (Blore) - Bradley is a new Hartwell resident from out of state. He has 2 nephews, 2 nieces, and a dog (Oddie) that he loves to spend…

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David Seagraves

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David is a resident of Hartwell and currently serves as The Director of Operations for the Hart County Charter System. He spent his career in the field of Healthcare Administration…

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Cindi Dotson

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Cindi Dotson is thrilled to be playing Vera Claythorne in her first production at HCCT. Although she has been part of several productions in high school and college, it’s been…

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