Bradley Sullivan

HCCT Players

Bradley Sullivan is a community theatre performer in Hartwell, GA.

Bradley is a new Hartwell resident from out of state. He has 2 nephews, 2 nieces, and a dog (Oddie) that he loves to spend his free time with. This will be his first on stage theatrical performance having performed in Show Choir, Band, and being behind the stage in High School. His passions include cooking, baking, bartending, gaming, and being with his loved ones. He wants to thank Rickey for believing in him, Sonya (Mother) and Will (Father) for never leaving his side, and Amanda for always supporting him.

HCCT Productions

A Christmas Carol (Mortimer) Fezziwig/Portly Gentleman/Chorus
And Then There Were None Blore
Qualifications : Show Choir, Band, Stage Crew
  • Hartwell, GA