Talents are shared, leadership thrives, and attitudes change. Friendships flourish where none would have existed because each encourages the other in pursuit of developing a character, building a set, designing the lighting, securing props, etc. Ironically, theatre provides the right climate and conditions for people to remove their masks and communicate without pretense. On the set, the actors find their roles and support and encourage one another. Through working with people in this way a lasting familial bond is developed.

Theatre Leadership

The Hart County Community Theatre Board of Directors hold a monthly public meeting (please refer to the theatre calendar). Minutes of these meetings are available on request. Please send requests to secretary@hhcct.org.

Board of Directors

  1. Lani Sessoms – President
  2. Margo Seagraves – Vice-President
  3. Donna McDowell – Treasurer
  4. Sarah Martell – Secretary
  5. Lori Forster
  6. Kristin Joyner
  7. Sanna Laird
  8. Elizabeth Murphy
  9. Amber Pennington
  10. Lee Sessoms
  11. Bradley Sullivan

Department Chairmen

  • Director at Large: Sanna Laird
  • Facilities: Lee Sessoms
  • Front of House: Bradley Sullivan
  • Grants & Fundraising: Kristin Joyner
  • Marketing: Lori Forster
  • Production: Elizabeth Murphy
  • Set & Tech:

Working Committees

Community Events Committee

  • Chair – Lani Sessoms
  • Sarah Martell
  • Dan Cromer
  • Annette Neal
  • April Garner

Box Office Committee

  • Chair – Kathy Zakrocynski
  • Angela Cobb
  • Donna McDowell

Concessions Committee

  • Chair – Margo Seagraves
  • Bradley Sullivan

Standing Committees

Annual Meeting Committee

  • Chair –
  • Stephanie Crump
  • Ann Carswell
  • Debbie Kulscar
  • Mary Lynn Johnson

Nominating Committee

  • Chair – Lori Forster
  • Lani Sessoms
  • Margo Seagraves
  • Barbara Stowe

Play Selection Committee

  • Chair – Elizabeth Murphy
  • Sarah Martell
  • Rickey Eberhardt
  • Cindi Dotson
  • Sanna Laird
  • Jeff Hearn
  • Sandra English
  • Margo Seagraves
  • Lani Sessoms
  • Lee Sessoms
  • Michael Blackston
  • Kim Reynolds

It is the hope of this organization that HCCT will touch the lives of the young and inspire them at an early age to be participants rather than passive viewers.

JR Board & Committees: Sanna Laird, Adult Liason.

  • Ryker Williams
  • Simon List
  • Morgan Haymes
  • August Thompson
  • Sydney Prickett
  • Phoebe York
  • Alex LeBar
  • Adrianna Pennington

We feel theatre improves communication skills, builds confidence, and uncovers creative genius, both on the stage and behind the scenes.

General Membership of HCCT

Michael Blackston, Noah Blackston, Ann Carswell, Scott Clay, Kay Cleveland, Angela Cobb, Laura Crabb, Dan Cromer, Stephanie Crump, Kevin Daniels, Cindi Dotson, Woody Eakin, Rickey Eberhardt, Sandra English, Lori Forster, April Garner, Michael Green, Jeff Hearn, Kristin Joyner, Mary Lynn Johnson, Madison Kerr, Debbie Kulscar, Sanna Laird, Andrea LeBar, Bray List, Sarah Martell, Donna McDowell, Christopher Milford, Elizabeth Murphy, Annette Neal, Kim Reynolds, David Seagraves, Margo Seagraves, Lani Sessoms, Lee Sessoms, Barbi Stowe, Bradley Sullivan, Sonja Thompson, Kathy Zakrocynski

Do all and everything necessary, suitable, and proper for the attainment of any of the purposes, the accomplishment of any of the objects, of the furtherance of any of the powers herein-above set forth.

Where will Hart County Community Theatre be one hundred years from now when this history is being read? We would hope we are doing the same thing we are doing today but doing more of it and doing it better. But come what may, we can be confident that the small amount we have done thus far will carry its influence in the future of our unborn great-grandchildren, for all of us have grown and learned because of theatre and all of us will pass this knowledge to our future generations.

Partner Sponsorships

We are grateful for the financial support for our organization through the Fox Theatre Institute in the form of a financial grant. To learn more about the Fox Theatre Institute and the Fox Theatre, please visit their website at www.foxtheatre.org.

The Hartwell Service League has been a long-time supporter of Hart County Community Theatre, and their dedication to it’s cause can be not only seen in our history but in our current days. Thank you HSL.

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