The Miracle Worker 2019

The Miracle Worker 2019
The Miracle Worker 2019

Doctor TBA
Kate Traci Mason
Capt. Keller TBA
Helen Claire Hoy
Martha TBA
Percy TBA
Aunt Ev Arlene Ford
James Max Donald
Anagnos TBA
Annie Reagan Donald
Viney TBA
Blind Girls Jordan Wolfe, Beth Mason, Kayleigh (Marlee) Wilson, Brianna Isbell
Offstage Voices Jan Madden, Catherine Walker, Mary Ann Wright, Levi Peardon, TBA

We still need a few good men and women and children! We need a male voiceover. This role will be pre-recorded. The roles of Doctor and Anagnos each could be played by two or three (or more) different actors if one actor was only available for certain days. Captain Keller is a big role and requires a single actor, preferably age 45-60. Additionally, we would love to have African-American actors fill the roles of Viney (female, age 30-45), Percy (male, age 9-14), and Martha (age 9-14). Please contact the theatre to set up an audition time!

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