To: The Director of A Christmas Carol

“From: Luke Hicks

To: The Director of A Christmas Carol

Dear Seth,

Thank you for letting me be in A Christmas Carol. I am going to love being a street kid. I have a lot of theatre experience in my family. My step dad Ryan was in the last play. I want to know what is the next play that you will direct. I hope it will be fun.

P.S. Respond on the next paper.”

Dear HCCT Patrons,

About 2 months ago, as A Christmas Carol was beginning production, HCCT Board member Stephanie Crump found this letter from 4th grader Luke Hicks to director Seth Howard. Luke, his mom Barbara, his dad James, his step-dad Ryan, his aunts Savanna and Kensley, and his cousins Lindsay and Lauren have all performed on the HCCT stage.  Luke’s family epitomizes the community spirit of the theatre. We could not stage our shows without people like Luke – and you.

So how can you help us? You can help by acting, assisting during a play, prompting lines during rehearsal, sewing costumes, driving your child to rehearsal, ushering, building sets, doing hair and make-up, selling tickets, technical support…the list goes on and on. There is something for everybody!

          HCCT tries to keep ticket prices low so that as many members of the community as possible can see our shows.  We rely upon financial contributions from individuals like you to fund these productions.  Without your support, Hart County Community Theatre would not be able to operate. So please be as generous as you can be!  A form and an envelope are enclosed so that you can send your donation.

Please be an active member of the HCCT community!  Work onstage or backstage, see a show, and make a donation!  We would love for you to be a part of YOUR community theatre!

Lori Forster

Digital Architect | Kingdom Ambassador | Philanthropist