Lake Hartwell's
Community Theatre

The Hart County Community Theatre is committed to using our facilities to encourage a love for the dramatic arts.

Support Hartwell's Local Theatre


Attend a Performance

The easiest way for you to help HCCT is to simply come and see a show! Just the act of your patronage keeps the doors open for all!


Share Your Time

We all have a special gift, even it if is not on the stage! Did you know that engaging in your community through volunteerism increases connection! We want to meet you!


Sponsor a Show

There are dozens of ways that you can support one of our productions current or upcoming - even a $5 pizza is a gift to hungry performers! No gift is too small.

For Community, by Community

Meet The Team

Setting the stage with a firm foundation, our Board of Directors care about Hart County and it's community.

Meet The Talent

Here, you can get just a little bit more past, present and future on the HCCT players that have entertained the community.

Sponsors of HCCT

Our Supporters

Do you seek more information about our grant funding, season sponsors or advertisers? Well, let usher you to them.

The impact created through collaborative artistry on stage brings us all together, unique, with talents that enhance one another from both sides of the stage. We are nurturing our local our community one show at a time!

Connect with the Theatre

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Hart County Community Theatre, Inc.

83 Depot St,
Hartwell, GA 30643
Phone: (706) 376-5599
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