Cast Announcement for Season 43 A Christmas Carol

Good Evening Everyone!  Thank you so much for your patience on this cast list. This was a tough decision but we are very happy with

Good Evening Everyone! 

Thank you so much for your patience on this cast list. This was a tough decision but we are very happy with how this cast has rounded out.

Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, October 11th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. This rehearsal will be for The Cratchit’s (Bob, Mrs. Cratchit and all Cratchit children no matter Cast A or B). We will be finishing up the schedules for rehearsal this week and will be giving those out within the next week.

For those who have never dealt with a Cast A and Cast B, it works quite simply; Cast A will perform their Cast A role every other performance and nights when they are not Cast A they will do their Cast B part, and Cast B vice versa. For example someone is cast Peter as Cast A and Child Scrooge Cast B, so on Cast A performing nights they will be Peter and Cast B performing nights they will then be Child Scrooge. Those who are Cast A & B are notated. Cast A performances will be 9th, 11th and 17th. Cast B performances will be 10th, 16th and 18th. If you have any questions please let me know.  

Your Production Team is:

Jeffery Hearn – Director
Elizabeth Murphy – Asst. Director
Jennifer White – Stage Manager

The Cast is:

Ebenezer Scrooge – Michael Blackston
Bob Cratchit – Rickey Eberhardt
Fred (Scrooge’s Nephew) – Joshua Wright
Caroler Child/Chorus – Phoebe York
Caroler Child/Chorus – Sydney Prickett
Portly Gentlemen – Elizabeth Murphy
Tiny Tim – Camille Coker
Jacob Marley/Third Businessman/Old Joe – Niki Parks
Mrs. Cratchit – Andrea LeBar
Peter Cratchit (Cast A) / Child Scrooge (Cast B)  – Simon List
Peter Cratchit (Cast B) / Child Scrooge (Cast A)  – Ryker Williams
Belinda Cratchit/Chorus (on nights not a Cratchit) – Kennedi Pennington (Cast A)/ Aubrey Layman (Cast B)
Martha Cratchit/Chorus(on nights not a Cratchit) – Deborah Ingram (Cast A) / Alice Johnson (Cast B)
Smaller Cratchit – Scarlett Williams
The Spirit of Christmas Past/Goose Child – Sophie Waldron
Young Scrooge –
Headmaster/UnderTaker’s Man/Chorus – Scott Clay
Fan (Scrooge’s Sister) (Cast A) / Fezziwig Daughter (Cast B)/Chorus – Campbell Ann Graham
Fan (Scrooge’s Sister) (Cast B) / Fezziwig Daughter (Cast A) Chorus – Adrianna Pennington
Fezziwig/Portley Gentleman/Chorus – Bradley Sullivan
Dick Wilkins (Fezziwig Apprentice)/Second Businessman/Chorus – Sawyer Boyd
Mrs. Fezziwig/Fourth Businessman/Mrs. Dilber/Chorus – Angela Cobb
Fezziwig Daughter/Fred’s Maid/Chorus –  Luna Reza
Fezziwig Daughter/Chorus – Alexandria Lebar
Belle/Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come – Cindi Dotson
Spirit of Christmas Present/Poulterer’s Man – Jeff Blanton
Fred’s Wife/Chorus – Brilie Shankle
Topper/Chorus – August Thompson
Ignorance/Chorus – Merida Blackston
Want/Chorus – Abigail Tucker
First Businessman/Charwoman/Chorus – Amber Pennington
Chorus – Keira Arthur & Keira DeGrave

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