Another Amaziriffic Rehearsal for James And The Giant Peach!

Well another rehearsal is in the bag... and as usual it was FUN-TASTIC!

Well another rehearsal is in the bag… and as usual it was FUN-TASTIC! They always are. James and The Giant Peach is a wacked out peach of a good time. The play is going to be fabu-listic! (Look for all adjectives to be listed in the 2011 OED in case you were wondering…)

At first glance, the play looked like it was going to be whittled down to a quartet… but the door kept swinging open and one by one, most of the cast made their dramatic appearances.

Tonight, we skipped to different scenes in the play… in Scene One Bill Griggs rocked the theatre with a magnificent portrayal of the addled Captain… His ad libs were worth the price of admission! (Uh oh, I knew we forgot something! Oh well, no royalties for Bill…) And the voice! It was “magnifico” to quote somebody… I forget who… (yes ma’am, that adjective hit the OED years ago…)

Another highlight was the Grasshopper Walk. It’s going to be huge next year! Bigger than the Macarena! (Please learn your dance steps now. Be prepared!)

And those clouds… they nailed their lines and it was a STU-PENDAMENDOUS moment… so intense that the cast clapped their hands raw!

And of course the quote of the day: “You ATE my family!” Sorry it’s not in the official play book, but yes, it will surely make its way into family rooms all over the country… where all fabu alterna-plays are performed nightly.

And yes, the photographic evidence of all the shenanigans will be online… by the end of the year for sure. I promise.

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