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The President’s Corner – S36 2015

Welcome to the Hart County Community Theatre!

 Live theatre matters–now more than ever, because it requires attention and focus. Live theatre encourages us to examine ourselves, our values, and our behaviors. We feel the actors’ energy and presence. In live community theatre, we get to see people we know become people other than themselves.

     Every play we do at Hart County Community Theatre needs a backstage crew and a support system. These people perform the not-so-glamorous, behind-the-scenes tasks such as selling tickets, ushering, sending out flyers, cleaning, designing, constructing, and decorating the sets, costumes, lights, or sound effects. We are grateful to all of our volunteers over the years. From the Board of Directors to the box office to the basement, HCCT has accomplished much.

     Our wonderfully historic 100-lus year old building requires much care. Currently, we are working on renovation and upgrades of the basement and the roof, along with new carpeting (thanks to a generous grant from the Frances Wood Wilson Foundation), painting the interior of our building, and improving our restrooms.

     We are glad you are here! Think, feel, laugh, and/or cry at this production. Please join us in future shows–onstage, backstage, or in the audience!


Ann Sanders Skelton Pitts

Proud President, Hart County Community Theatre

Lori Forster

Digital Architect | Kingdom Ambassador | Philanthropist