The Town and Gown Theatre in Athens, Ga

Our hearts go out to The Town And Gown Theatre in Athens, Georgia who lost 3 longtime and valued members of their board and cast last Saturday in a senseless act of violence:  Marie Bruce, Ben Teague and Tom Tanner.

If you have a moment, please go to their website, or go to the Athens Banner Herald website and sign a condolence book… or maybe give a donation in memory of the victims.  It won’t take away much of the pain of last Saturday, but the theatre world is a small one and we all have our place in it, we all have our responsibilities to each other.  This is our time to become part of a larger, nurturing community, one capable of reaching out to a small community theatre in a neighboring town.  Step up to the plate and and let our colleagues down the road know that we are thinking of them and their families at this terrible time

Lori Forster

Digital Architect | Kingdom Ambassador | Philanthropist