Youth Protection Statement from the Board of Directors

Youth Protection Announcement at Hart County Community Theatre, Inc. - Last updated 11:00 AM July 22, 2023

The last two months have seen a lot of change at the theatre. A new Board of Directors was elected and overall it was felt by the community to be a positive move and a time to look forward to programs centered around great theatrical and community minded events. As a new board, our first order of business was to design a policy for child safety and that has already been implemented.

The details are below:

  1. Background Checks
    Board Secretary handles the submission and collection of background check authorizations with the Hart County Sheriff’s office.
  2. “Buddy System”
    No child is ever to be alone with an unrelated, single adult. There are always to be two adults present where there are children in the theatre’s care. Children and youth are prohibited from roaming the Theatre without supervision.
  3. Changing rooms / Basement
    There are always male and female basement monitors during dress rehearsals and productions when children are in the changing rooms.
  4. Educational workshops and children’s events
    We use the educational-system prescribed adult-to-child ratio for events so that proper supervision is maintained.

As a board, we care about all members of our community. We believe that the policy above shows that we are responsible and professional people who love the Theatre and our Theatre family. And as with any family, we will protect all who come through our doors.

We value your continued support and believe the Theatre’s best days are ahead of us.

If you would like to print a copy of our statement for your records, please download this PDF file.

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