Cheaper by the Dozen Audition Information

December 19th & 20th || Season 43

Auditions for Cheaper by the Dozen will be held on December 19th & 20th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Hart County Community Theatre (83 Depot Street, downtown Hartwell)! Come on down anytime during those hours and grace our stage with your best!

There will be “as necessary” additional date added on December 27th from 6:30-8:30. Stay tuned to our social channels for this to be announced, if needed.

Please prepare a 3 minute monologue for your audition. Children under 14 may prepare a 30 second to 1 minute monologue for their audition.

Important Dates


Audition Packet

We are actively seeking crew members for this production please see this page for more information!

About the Roles

With few exceptions, most of the roles can be played as either male or female and will be cast accordingly. Role ages are fairly open for those who may portray older characters. There are many other Ensemble roles available for a multitude of ages.

The following descriptions are for the main speaking roles: 

MR. GILBRETH (DAD) The patriarch of the family. A successful man who is proud of his wife and family as well as his business accomplishments, and who runs his family like a business. Playable age: Mid 40’s to mid 50’s. 

MRS. GILBRETH (MOTHER) The matriarch of the family. She is a loving, tender mother who is involved in the affairs of each of her children. Additionally she supports her husband’s efficiency work and is quite the expert herself. Her family is her life. She is also a psychologist. Playable age: Mid 40’s to mid 50’s. 

ANNE The oldest Gilbreth child. Like most girls her age, she is rebellious and headstrong, eager to test the boundaries.. Playable age: 15-18 

FRANK A Gilbreth child. The Co-Narrator. Named for his father, Frank Jr. feels the full weight of his name. He tries his best to live up to his dad’s expectations. When all is said and done, he is a supportive, smart brother to his siblings and a sincere, trustworthy son. Playable age: 15-18 

ERNESTINE A Gilbreth child. Also the Co-Narrator. Ernestine is the second oldest. She and Anne are very close because they both share the bond of being in high school and dealing with social contempt because of their large, unconventional family. Playable age: 15-18 

MARTHA A Gilbreth child. Martha spends much of her time with her brothers. She’s a sweet, vibrant child who loves to have fun. She plays musical instruments and gets into mischief with the boys. Playable age: 15-18 

MARY ELIZABETH, BILL, LILLIAN, FRED, DAN, JACKIE, ROBERTA, JANE The younger Gilbreth children. Plenty of stage time, but more limited speaking parts.Each of them holds a special role within the family. Playable ages variable from age 6-14. 

MRS. FITZGERALD The housekeeper. A kind woman that is devoted to the family. 25+

DR. BURTON The family doctor. 25+

JOE SCALES  A cheerleader. Very cocky and interested in dating Anne. Playable age: 15-18 

MISS BRILL A teacher who has no love for the children. Playable age 20+ 

LARRY A nice looking, clean cut boy interested in Anne. Playable age: 15-18

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