Mr. Long Said Nothing

May 13th – 22nd, 2022
written and Directed by Michael Blackston


The story is set in a deep-south small town during the early 1900s. Young Kathrine Landers and her father, while walking past the town cemetery, encounter the statue of the late Mr. Long. It is during this first encounter that a sort of game is born between the two, and is replayed throughout the course of Kathrine’s childhood as they often make their trek past the graveyard.

When tragedy strikes the Landers household, Katie (Kathrine) must find a way to work through the emotions that torment her, and she does so by revisiting the place that holds so many dear memories of her father – the cemetery at the statue of Mr. Long.

With her family and childhood sweetheart unsure how to help her, Katie feels alone and her odd behavior does not go unnoticed. Facing the wrath of the town’s nosiest busybody, Kathrine is forced to come to terms with her emotional ghosts and at the same time, avoid the dangers of a community ready to see her put away.

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Cast & Crew

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